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Art for your home or office
At South Street Art Studios all our tutors are professional artists who are well placed to produce works of art on a private commission basis.

If you have a need for a painting of your house, a portrait of your child or a cartoon of a funny incident our team of artists can produce an original and personalised piece of art for you.

How to commission a work of art
  • Supply any relevant photographs (or we can take them for you)
  • Alternatively come in and see us and talk to an artist
  • Fees are not set and are calculated on a case by case basis

  • Areas we generally cover:
  • Animal portraiture
  • Portrait painting (from photographs usually)
  • Flower painting
  • Architectural drawing (your house or holiday home perhaps)
  • Lola cartoons (pictured skating)
    Personalised scenarios drawn as our cheeky girl 'Lola'. Ideal for birthday cards or framed art, 'Lola' can be drawn in a situation of your choice to match an event or interest of someone you know.